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In Atlantic City it is as wonder as to why there even is a City Council. In most cases, it is the casino owners who get exactly what they want when it comes to laws in the city. One example is a recent smoking ban.

The City Council agreed last October with casino owners that felt they would be losing too much money if they did not allow smoking in their casinos. The almighty dollar was put before the health of many employees in these casinos.

“When such a display of poor judgement is used by individual cities, there is usually no doubt that the state will chime in on the issue, and that is what we are seeing in the state of New Jersey,” said observer Peter Hylumster.

A New Jersey State Senate Committee is discussing the possibility of taking the option of giving in to casino owners off the table for the Atlantic City Council. They are preparing a law that would ban smoking in all eleven casinos.

“Thank God that the state sees that the health of workers in our casinos should come before profits for the casino owners. Heck, there is smoking now and we still don’t have the customers we used to,” said a dealer at one of the AC casinos that wished to remain anonymous.

Casino owners are still trying to convince state lawmakers that a smoking ban would cripple their industry. So far, the committee is disregarding these pleas and moving forward with a possible ban.

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