Australian slot machines are also known as pokies. They work like Five Reel Slots and use a video display. These types of machines have many bonuses and additional features compared to standard machines.

Australian slots are popular to online casino slot players and they can also be found within clubs, land-based casinos, and pubs. Compared to American slots, Australian slots are more complex. It takes a little more time and patience for a slot player to study and be familiar with the pay table. But once a player is already familiar with it, playing the Australian version of slots is not that difficult at all.

An interesting characteristic of Australian slots is that they have an option for a multiple coins bet. Betting with multiple coins will make a player’s bonuses and winnings to be multiplied to how many coins have been bet on the game.

The Australian slots are considered as more rewarding compared to other gambling games. The percentage of bet money returned to players is about 80% to 90%. This is calculated when the average of money bet, divided by the total number of gamblers. In spite of this high return percentage, Australian slots are still known as the most profitable of all the casino games.

The Australian slots variety are famous worldwide especially online because of the additional bonuses and features like bonus levels and free games. These slots also have multiple lines of up to 50 paylines. They also have multiple ways to be played of up to 243 ways. The higher the complexity level that a player plays, the greater is the chance of getting rewards in the game.

In the Australian continent, slot machines together with other casino games are now a booming industry. Finding slots to play will never be difficult. They are present in almost every club and casino throughout the continent and in almost every major city in the country.

Compared to the rest of the word, Australia has the highest density of slot machines. But the governing laws and regulations from the government for these gaming machines is not that strict when compared to the United States and other countries concerned. These laws and regulations also differ with every state.

For example, in the State of South Wales, gaming machines have been made legal since 1956 and are allowed in pubs and clubs that are registered by the state government. In the State of Queensland, the state government requires that casinos must set at least 90% payback rate and pubs and clubs must have 60%.

These Australian types of gaming machines may be a little bit complicated but because of high payout percentage, slot players continue to love these games.

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