Author: Greg Howard

May 23 2018

New Jersey Lawmakers Ready To Fix Smoking Reprieve In AC Casinos

Play at Golden Casino In Atlantic City it is as wonder as to why there even is a City Council. In most cases, it is the casino owners who get exactly what they want when it comes to laws in the city. One example is a recent smoking ban. The City Council agreed last October […]

Apr 27 2018

New iMEGA Lawsuit May Bring Sports Gambling To New Jersey

Play at Golden Casino The Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association (iMEGA) is preparing to announce a lawsuit that could result in sports gambling coming to the state of New Jersey, according to Poker News Daily. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was passed back in 1992, but iMEGA is setting in motion a […]

Feb 23 2018

New Hampshire Police Association In Favor Of Expanded Gambling

Play at Golden Casino The first groups that come out against expanded gambling in any areas of the US are usually the church groups. Members of the law enforcement agencies are never far behind. It is no secret that law enforcement officials cringe at the idea of more crime that needs policing. That is why […]

Dec 06 2017

New Hampshire Lawmakers Weighing Options On Gambling

Play Now at Las Vegas Casino! The state of New Hampshire is much the same as other states these days. Either find ways to create revenue or raise taxes on the people of the state. When faced with those options, the people of the state want to take the first option. Now, that question will […]

Mar 26 2017

New Hampshire Radio Ad Off Mark

Play at Golden Casino The state of New Hampshire announced this week that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act that was written into law to protect against illegal online gambling, is intruding on the state’s legal lottery operation. Now, late in the week the state came up against opposition to new proposals that would bring […]

Feb 27 2017

New Bingo Gambling Bill in Alabama Targeting Elderly Medical Expenses

Play at All Slots Casino! The game of bingo has always been somewhat of an elderly persons game. It could be found at various churches or social clubs and the rooms were usually filled with the elderly. Now, the game that the older generation helped make popular, could become their saving grace for rising medical […]

Jan 05 2017

More Mobsters Arrested in New York For Illegal Gambling

Play Marvel Slots at Playboy Casino! The government is trying to make a statement to organized crime. After taking down over fifty mobsters just a few weeks ago, the FBI has now arrested eight more mobsters. The FBI is trying their best to make the statement that organized crime will no longer be tolerated. their […]

Dec 21 2016

Australian Slot Machines

Australian slot machines are also known as pokies. They work like Five Reel Slots and use a video display. These types of machines have many bonuses and additional features compared to standard machines. Australian slots are popular to online casino slot players and they can also be found within clubs, land-based casinos, and pubs. Compared […]

Nov 12 2016

Australian Net casinos gamble on merged future

Effectively stopped in its tracks by an Australian Government ban on new Internet gambling operations, the listed Gocorp Ltd has joined forces with another Net casino that is not subject to the moratorium. regulated by the Northern Territory government and escapes the Federal Government’s one-year ban on new Net gambling licenses. The one-year ban on […]

Oct 21 2016

Australian casino sued by utility company

  An Australian energy company said sued Melbourne’s Crown Casino to recover $800,000 gambled away by a high-rolling former manager, a court heard on Friday, reported. “Wayne John Seiler stole $1.04 million from electricity and gas provider TXU while working as a financial manager last year,” the Victorian County Court heard. “‚ĶDefence lawyer Peter […]