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The first groups that come out against expanded gambling in any areas of the US are usually the church groups. Members of the law enforcement agencies are never far behind. It is no secret that law enforcement officials cringe at the idea of more crime that needs policing.

That is why the apparent decision by the New Hampshire Police Association to back one of the expanded gambling Bills in their state is puzzling to some. This is, after all, a group that has fought expanded gambling for over a decade.

The legislative and executive boards of the NHPA voted last week in favor of backing a gambling Bill as long as it came with the proper regulations. That is according to Somersworth Police Captain David B. Kretschmar.

The NHPA has more than 3,000 members including retired officers, to police chiefs, to office clerks. Their sudden change of heart regarding gambling has some wondering if it is not politically motivated. They claim it has nothing to do with personal motives.

“This isn’t something that is retirement driven, I will tell you that. We started to get into the political arena in the past few years and this issue (gambling) is one we looked at,” Kretschmar told The Union Leader.

The gambling issue has heated up in New Hampshire over the past few months. There are two different gambling Bills that are being presented in this legislative session. The budget is a major concern in the state and expanded gambling could ease some of the financial difficulties.

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