More Mobsters Arrested in New York For Illegal Gambling

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The government is trying to make a statement to organized crime. After taking down over fifty mobsters just a few weeks ago, the FBI has now arrested eight more mobsters.

The FBI is trying their best to make the statement that organized crime will no longer be tolerated. their latest efforts came on Thursday when they arrested eight associates of the Luchese crime family.

Domenico Cutaia was alleged to be the captain of the Luchese crime family, according to the indictment Thursday. He was arrested along with seven of his view full image associates in a nineteen count indictment.

Among the charges handed down, illegal gambling was one of them. It is commonplace that when organized crime members are arrested, there usually are gambling charges involved.

Gambling was not the only problem for the eight arrested, however. Other charges handed down were loansharking, racketeering, mail fraud, extortion, marijuana distribution, and bank fraud.

There are several distinct examples that were identified in the indictment of how the mobsters used threats of violence against people that owed money. Some of the people mentioned were not even in the state of New York.

The others arrested Thursday were, Steven Lapella, Michael Corchione, Salvatore Cutaia, Louis Colello, John Rodopolous, Victor Sperber, and John Baudanza.